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Project Critical Mass™

from The Conscious Evolution Movement™

Step Marketer's Outcome Statement™ for Project Critical Mass™: "It's July 11th, 2022 and we have successfully helped achieved a 51% positive, loving energy on the planet and have helped 1 million HALO™ businesses double the number of people they help. We feel profound joy as cool wet tears stream down our faces to warm our hearts. Everywhere we go we're greeted with loving hugs from grateful people, families & children. We feel blessed and grateful to be in service to humanity in this way.

HALO™ = Healers, Artists, Lightworkers & Others evolving consciousness


on the Planet

Critical mass occurs at 51% positive loving energy on the planet, after which the other 49% will more readily evolve as well.


1 Million HALO
Businesses Doubled

Doubling HALO businesses means twice as many people helped to lead more positive, loving, high vibrational lives.


by Monday
July 11th, 2022

We are presently at 45.8% positive loving energy on the planet. 5.2% more is all that is needed to hit Critical Mass. We can do it!

Businesses involved with Project Critical Mass™

and The Conscious Evolution Movement™

AweLove University™

Fostering a Universe of Awesome Loving People.

Step Marketer™ (us)

Helping HALOs grow and help more people

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Three Phases of Project Critical Mass™

This is HOW we will achieve Critical Mass by July 11th, 2022.

There are three main phases of Project Critical Mass including preparing for and supporting those who are not in the predominately positive loving energy once Critical Mass is achieved.

  1. "Wake UP" People - help more people "wake-up"
  2. Consciously EVOLVE - by raising your vibration (emotional state)
  3. Help HALOs - help those helping others <-- Step Marketer is helping here
    1. Helping HALOs GROW their businesses in the way that is best suited for them.

How we are helping HALOs: Marketing is hard, especially for small businesses and that's quadrupedally true for HALO businesses.  Old marketing tactics in old energy just do not resonate with the new world energy HALO's operate in.  So we created the "New Marketing" for the new world energy.  It's "heart-centered" and about building relationships & telling great stories. We've also simplified the whole process with industry firsts Step Marketing MAP™ and the 1 page Step Marketing PLAN™.

We offer the one-of-a-kind Grow Your Business 101™ course which takes HALOs from idea to marketing plan to implementation.  We also offer, industry first Marketing Intuitive™ services to give HALOs the insight they need and next immediate steps they can take action on.

We feel immense purpose with our involvement with Project Critical Mass™ and take great pride in helping HALOs grow their businesses to help more people.  In gratitude & in service.
~ Step Marketer

How YOU Can HELP with Project Critical Mass™

and The Conscious Evolution Movement™

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