🎯 What is an Outcome Statement™?

... and why you MUST HAVE one!

🎯What is an Outcome Statement™ and Why You MUST HAVE One!

"We've seen people get major movement towards realizing their goals just by creating an Outcome Statement."
~ Robert Bury, founder Step Marketer

Outcome Statements help make your Goals Achievable


⚠️Creating a proper Outcome Statement™ is CRITICAL!

Simply put, we don't proceed with any marketing plans for anybody without a proper Outcome Statement - anymore.


Because we've found that a properly formatted Outcome Statement™ provides a clear and vivid destination for us to focus upon.  Then we can effectively create the steps we need to test paths (Growth Hacking) that will lead us successfully to our end goal.

Before you start driving... you want to be clear where you're driving to - right?

Not having a proper Outcome Statement™ is like throwing darts, blindfolded at a moving target that's an unknown distance away.  Yikes!

What is an Outcome Statement™?

"Clearly defined, measurable, specific, present tense experientually written goals"

Outcome Statement definition:

Outcome Statements™ are essentially clearly defined written goals that contain two main elements.

The first element is that it is measurable by using clearly defined numbers, dates & specific details.

The second element is that it is experientially defined.  By contemplating having our outcome now we define what we would expect to see, hear, kinesthetically feel and emotionally experience.

The concise outcome statement is anywhere from one sentence to one paragraph in length and is worded in the present tense.

"The key is to write an outcome statement that inspires you, sets your passion ablaze and is in full alignment with your life purpose."
~ Robert Bury, founder Step Marketer

Why you MUST HAVE an Outcome (end goal)?

> Experts say...

Business experts agree, getting clear on your end goals (outcomes) is of the utmost importance if you want to be successful.


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There are four (4) elements to a proper Outcome Statement™.

A properly formatted Outcome Statement™ is very powerful and contains 4 primary elements (or steps):

  1. basic Outcome Statement™ (bOS™) - (first draft)
    Includes basic factual elements like: what you want: when, where, with whom, etc.
  2. BIG WHY - (emotional element)
    This is your sensory experience of having your outcome now - defined.  It includes the visual, auditory, kinesthetic & emotional aspects, from your point-of-view of having your outcome now.
  3. Sensational Outcome Statement™ (SOS™) - (second draft)
    Your basic Outcome Statement™ & BIG WHY™ combined.
  4. POWERFUL Outcome Statement™ ([+]POS™) - (final draft)
    When your SOS™ is confirmed to be vivid, concise & inspirational it then becomes a Powerful Outcome Statement™.  At this level you have successfully achieved a properly formated Outcome Statement™.  This is done in-class or with a Step Marketing Coach™.

ℹ️ DID YOU NOTICE? All versions of the Outcome Statement™ are considered "drafts".  The reason for this is to keep flexibility in place.  As you continue to work towards your outcome (goal) you will be refining and updating what you want.  If you are too rigid you may miss the additional opportunities that are trying to present themselves to you. 

ℹ️ℹ️ What an Outcome Statement™ IS NOT.  An Outcome Statement™ DOES NOT go into the "HOW" of getting what you want.  That is what 90% of the Step Marketing FORMULA is designed to help you figure out.  

Where to use your Outcome Statement™?

There are numerous ways you can utilize your Outcome Statement and for our purposes of growing your business we will primarily utilize it on your Step Marketing PLAN™ - which is the practical application of the Step Marketing MAP.

#1 on your Step Marketing PLAN™

Outcome Statement

Outcome Statement is the first thing on your marketing plan

We START any marketing plan with an Outcome Statement and we do not proceed forward with the plan until we are extremely clear about what our outcome (end goal) is.

There are two specific areas on the marketing plan that contain the outcome and they are both right at the top of the front page.  First we enter the full Outcome Statement then we create a mini version and place that right at the top.

Businesses can have multiple marketing plans (and outcomes) going at any given moment so we want to be able to quickly identify which plan we are referring to and also quickly remind outselves what our end goal is.  This is also helpful for teams.

How-to Create your Outcome Statement™

You have two main options for creating your outcome statement:

(do-it-yourself option)


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