2020 Step Marketing PLAN™

> 19 Marketing Objectives on 1 Sheet of Paper.

2020 Step Marketing PLAN™

Welcome to an Advanced Marketing Plan, simplified.
We get it – marketing planning is confusing and there is so much information online it just adds to the confusion.  Maybe you’ve even tried a marketing plan with only minimal results.  That’s why Step Marketer has mapped out the sequence in our marketing map and created a marketing plan that is simple to use yet contains advanced marketing objectives to boot.

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Relax and Feel Confident about Growing Your Business in 2020

Now you can RELAX and feel CONFIDENT, you’ve finally found the marketing plan you’ve been looking for to Grow Your Business™.

Every business MUST HAVE a marketing plan, if they want to Grow Your Business™ in today’s market.  Your Step Marketing PLAN™ can be developed for anything from word-of-mouth & in-person sales to advanced, cutting-edge, automated Digital Marketing – or anything in between.

ℹ️ NOTE – what you will read on this page is cutting edge, advanced marketing – simplified. It’s the latest and greatest so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of some of this before. Most marketers don’t know about some of these elements and if they do – they aren’t talking about it.

[FAST TRACK] If you’re ready to get started now, you can download your marketing plan here and start crafting your plan right now.

Marketing Strategy Sequenced into a Simple, Actionable Plan

Rob Bury, Step Marketer’s creator and co-founder, developed the Step Marketing MAP™ and Step Marketing PLAN™ from his over 23 years of marketing experience and understanding of the human mind & behavior.  Through years of extensive training in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-verbal Communication, perception and the non-conscious mind, he has been able to uniquely redefine the strategies, tools and practices necessary to succeed, grow and evolve your business in this new world landscape.

Below is a screenshot of our marketing map & marketing plan. Together they both serve to simplify advanced marketing planning and strategy:

Shows the 2020 Step Marketing MAP and 2020 Step Marketing PLAN

2020 Step Marketing MAP™ and 2020 Step Marketing PLAN™


A Marketing Plan & Strategy Rooted in Science

Marketing can be pretty complicated especially advanced marketing strategy which is based in neuroscience, quantum physics and the non-conscious mind. The aim of the Step Marketing SYSTEM has been to simplify it all while still maintaining the advanced marketing aspects and cutting out all the fluff.


For most people, 95% of their actions, behaviors, emotions and decisions come from their non-conscious mind (subconscious & unconscious mind). So someone’s buying decisions are for reasons they are not consciously aware of. If you ask them they will give you misinformation, not because they’re being deceptive – because they just are not aware of their real reasons for buying. To be more specific their non-conscious reasons for purchasing are based in emotions. If you’re skeptical of this information, read Inc’s post titled “Harvard Professor Says 95% of Purchasing Decisions Are Subconscious” which states “When marketing a product to a consumer, it’s most effective to target the subconscious mind” and “Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general.”

19 Key Marketing Plan Objectives:

4 Sections | 19 Objectives

SECTION A) Marketing Strategy & Focus

Goal: get clear about your outcome, focus & potential obstacles

Front page of step marketing plan - Section A

Your Outcome Statement, Focus & potential Obstacles go at the top of your marketing plan’s front page.

  1. Create an OUTCOME STATEMENT™ – Always start with the end in mind – 1st and foremost.
    ⚠️Creating a proper Outcome Statement™ is CRITICAL!⚠️

    1. CONCEPT: When we FOCUS our mind on exactly what we want – ideas form, insights develop & our non-conscious (subconscious, unconscious) mind works on solutions for us.
      1. A properly formed Outcome Statement™ will inform all of the other key marketing plan objectives of your marketing plan.
    2. Here is the Outcome Statement™ creator online here. Use it to create a properly formed Outcome Statement™.
      1. ⚠️DO NOT skip this step.
      2. Spend time, consideration and reflection on this – it will save you a lot of time overall AND it will get you what you want a lot faster.
      3. ⚠️ I cannot stress this enough!!!
  2. FOCUS on having your Outcome NOW[advanced marketing]
    1. CONCEPT: Where ever we put our attention (focus, thought, etc.), we tune our mind to creating whatever we are adding energy to.
    2. QUESTION: What practices are you going to do, on a daily basis, to focus your attention on your desired outcome? Define them.
  3. Get Clear on Your OBSTACLES – that has or might stop you from achieving your outcome. [advanced marketing]
    1. CONCEPT: What you are going for is, most likely, outside of your comfort zone (and this is a good thing).
      How do we know this?
      Because if it wasn’t outside your comfort zone, in some way – you’d already have your outcome.

      1. Depending on how far outside of your comfort zone your desired outcome is, is the level of discomfort you may feel.
      2. This is normal and how we are wired as humans… so we want to plan for it.
    2. QUESTION: What has or might stand in the way of you achieving your outcome?
      1. List the obstacle(s)
      2. Work to remove the obstacle(s).

SECTION B) Set your Marketing Plan’s TEMPO

(TEMPO = Traction, Emotions, Market, Product & Offers)

shows front page of marketing plan, lower half

Your product (or service), market (STAR client/customer), STAR’s emotions & story all go on the bottom of the front page of your marketing plan

  1. Define your PRODUCT/SERVICE – You want to be clear about the details of your offered product or service and what is unique about it – so you can convey this clearly in your marketing messaging.
  2. Define your Target Client/Customer (the “STAR” of your marketing plan)
    Hard Truth: people do not care about you or your business until they are clear about what is in it for them.
    ⚠️Very Important!⚠️

    1. Learn everything you can about them!
      You can download an Identify your STAR Customer / Client worksheet that answers:

      1. Who they are (demographics)
      2. What they want (in their words)
      3. Where to find them
      4. Their challenges (from their perspective)
      5. Their doubts
    2. Give them a name and a head shot.
      1. When you are writing content, write directly to this person.
    3. NOTE: On the Step Marketing PLAN we call them a “STAR” because they are the “star of the show” and that is how you should think about them.
  3. Define your STAR’s EMOTIONS[advanced marketing] (2020)
    ⚠️Knowing their Emotions is Super Important!⚠️

    1. CONCEPT: People buy for emotional reasons.
    2. QUESTION: What emotional before state is your target client / customer going from to what emotional after state (after a successful experience with your product or service)?
    3. BONUS: articulate the transition of emotional before state to emotional after state.
      1. Example: Confused Cali uses widget and becomes Confident Cali. (Note – we name our STAR client/customer to help us personalize our marketing viewpoint & messaging.)
  4. Tell a Great STORY – Make the story and messaging clear, compelling & memorable.
    ⚠️Very Important!⚠️

    1. Getting the right STORY about your products and services is incredibly important. When you get it right – your marketing will get wings and people will naturally tell others about it.
  5. shows the top third of the back of the marketing plan and what goes there

    The top third of the back page of your marketing plan is where you track touches, define traffic needed, target traffic channels and define your offers

    Track your TOUCHES (a touch is when a potential customer is exposed to your marketing, in some way.)
    ℹ️ NOTE: Most business owners give up way too early with their marketing efforts.  They plan for a sprint when what we are running here is a multi-leg marathon.

    1. Any marketer, worth their salt, will tell you, “it takes multiple ‘touches’ to get a viable lead”
      1. SalesForce article “It Takes 6 to 8 Touches to Generate a Viable Sales Lead
    2. 24 Touches is the Magic number – I know, that’s a lot
      1. Why 24?
        1. It takes 8 touches on average – to get a viable lead
          if you’re not getting the conversions you want
        2. try at least 3 different adjustments to your marketing plan
          this comes from Growth Hacking where we do small adjustments (tests) and monitor our conversions / results
        3. 8 x 3 = 24
      2. IF we’ve planned for 8 touches with 3 major adjustments and we still are not getting the conversions we want
        1. We try a completely different product/service (offer) or a different Target Client/Customer/Market
  6. Calculate How Much TRAFFIC You’ll Need to Achieve Your Outcome
    ℹ️ NOTE: Most people have unrealistic expectations about how much traffic they’ll need to achieve their sales goals.

    1. Calculate how many people (eyeballs) you need to get your marketing in front of, to produce the results you want.
    2. We start with our desired sales outcome and work backwards to calculate this number.
  7. Pick the Top 3 TRAFFIC CHANNELS – This is where you will find your STAR Clients / Customers.
    1. We only focus on (test) no more than 3 at a time. This way we really give our best guesses a solid effort to see if we get the results we expect.
    2. EXAMPLE Traffic Channels: content marketing, targeting blogs, business development, SEO, SEM, offline events, meetups, conferences, speaking engagements, email marketing, etc.
  8. Define Your OFFERS – these will be actual sales that bring in revenue
    1. Primary Offer – the main offer you want sales on
    2. Create a TRANSITIONAL OFFER – A smaller step prior to your primary offer
      1. This is often a smaller version of your primary offer
      2. This helps the buyer say yes and moves them towards the primary offer

SECTION C) Content Marketing Plan / Sales Funnel

Goal: build the relationship.

Plan out your sales funnels:

shows the middle third of the back of the marketing plan which contains your sales funnel


  1. GET NOTICED! (COLD Traffic) – plan what content you’ll use to stand-out, be interesting and get noticed!
    ℹ️ NOTE: You MUST have a plan to get noticed or your marketing message will just blend into the noise.

    1. “Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day.” according to Forbes article “Finding Brand Success In The Digital World”.
      1. People are wired to tune marketing out, so you MUST STAND OUT!
    2. Content types to use to “Get Noticed” (examples): blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, case studies, white papers, quizzes* / surveys*, primary research*.
      *denote items that are HOT for 2020.
  2. CONNECT (WARM Traffic) – plan what content you’ll use to collect their contact info. (like email address / phone).
    1. GIVE VALUE FIRST – Don’t ask for anything until you give something of value first.
      1. Nobody likes to be sold. (Get used to that statement.)
      2. … but everybody likes to buy. (How can this be?)
      3. You need to offer value to your prospective client / customer first.
        1. Be useful
        2. Be generous
        3. Be kind
    2. Content types to use to “Connect” (examples): case studies, white papers, quizzes* / surveys*, primary research*, video training, downloads, lists, toolkits, swipe files, templates, cheat sheets, demos & free trials.
      *denote items that are HOT for 2020.
  3. GET A HUG (HOT Traffic) – Change the relationship (get a small investment of time and/or money).
    ℹ️ NOTE: we use the term “Get a Hug” because it exemplifies the natural, human relationship building concepts (that we are all pre-wired to respond well to) we utilize in our marketing strategy & marketing plan.  That, and it sound way better than “tripwire” (which has associations with aggressive militant behavior – old marketing tactics).  This is the NEW Marketing which deserves new terminology.  Agreed?!

    1. At some point in the building of the relationship with your potential client / customer you want to change the relationship.
    2. Content types to use to “Connect” (examples): free / paid webinars, events, demos & free trials, mini-classes, flash sales & splinter offers*.
      *denote items that are HOT for 2020.

SECTION D) Marketing Actualization

Goal: schedule your steps, plan your reminders & accountability

shows the bottom third of the back of the marketing plan

The bottom third of the back of your marketing plan which shows your next steps, schedule, accountability partner and what feedback you’re going to monitor.

  1. Breakdown Your NEXT 3 STEPS™ – You want to always KNOW what your next 3 steps are at any given point, in your marketing plan.
    1. Don’t get bogged down with mapping out every step necessary – you can keep defining your next steps as you go along
    2. You want to TAKE ACTION! Get going on making your outcome a reality so the faster you can complete actual steps – the more momentum you’ll feel to keep going.
  2. Schedule Your NEXT 3 STEPS – Put them into a schedule.
  3. Plan for Accountability
    1. We use a Loving Approval Buddy™ – it’s AMAZING what people will accomplish with even a little bit of loving approval.
  4. Define Your FEEDBACK Metrics – What will you monitor to know how your marketing is performing?
    1. This can be as simple as Google Analytics and as advanced as Hubspot.
    2. You want to know how many people are seeing your offers / content and how many people are taking the offers.
    3. NOTE: this can be as simple as manually counting people coming to a booth, verses how many people buy.
  5. Adjust – Analyze your feedback / data and adjust.
    ℹ️ NOTE: This is the Grow Hacking loop.  Growth Hacking is when we perform small “tests”, analyze our results then adjust and test some more small tests until something converts well – then we scale up.

Take Your NEXT STEP™:

  • Explore the Grow Your Business™ system
    • Step Marketer offers multiple routes to Grow Your Business from do-it-yourself to group training via the Grow Your Business 101 workshop series of classes & support to done-for-you Growth Coaching.  We’ll help you learn the Step Marketing system and develop a custom marketing plan specifically for you and your business.
  • Download your Quick-Start Step Marketing PLAN™ here
    • NOTE: To have an effective marketing plan you should do a separate plan for each product/service & client/market combo. Why? Because your language (story), content & traffic channels will often be different for each.