2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™

FMP™ > 21 Marketing Objectives on 1 Sheet of Paper (front & back).


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2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™ (2021 FMP™)

Your Advanced Marketing Plan, simplified.
We get it – marketing planning can be very confusing and there is so much information online – it just adds to the confusion.  Or maybe you’ve even tried a marketing plan with only minimal results.  That’s why Step Marketer has mapped out our marketing sequence in the Step Marketing MAP™ and created the Foundational Marketing PLAN™ (FMP™) that is simple to use yet contains advanced marketing objectives to boot.

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The Foundational Marketing PLAN™ is what we use in our GROW Your Business™ system

So now you can RELAX and feel CONFIDENT, you’ve finally found the marketing plan you’ve been looking for to Grow Your Business™.

Your business MUST HAVE a marketing plan, if you want to Grow Your Business™ in today’s market.  Your Foundational Marketing PLAN™ can be developed for anything from word-of-mouth & in-person sales to advanced, cutting-edge, automated Digital Marketing – or anything in between.  It also applies to solopreneurs and teams as well.

It is the marketing foundation that most businesses are currently missing for the 21st century.

If your marketing is currently working – GREAT!  Keep doing that.

But if you don’t know where to START or you can’t seem to figure out why you’re not getting the business growth you want (and you feel like you’ve tried everything) – YOU NEED A Foundational Marketing PLAN™ (FMP™).

ℹ️ NOTE – what you will read on this page is cutting edge, advanced marketing – simplified. It’s the latest and greatest so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of some of this before. Most marketers don’t know about some of these elements and if they do – they aren’t talking about it.


Marketing Strategy Sequenced into a Simple, Actionable Plan

Rob Bury, Step Marketer’s creator and co-founder, developed the Step Marketing MAP™ and Foundational Marketing PLAN™ from his over 24 years of marketing experience and understanding of the human mind & behavior.  Through years of extensive training in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-verbal Communication, perception and the non-conscious mind, he has been able to uniquely redefine the strategies, tools and practices necessary to succeed, grow and evolve your business in this “new earth” landscape.

Below is a screenshot of our 2021 Step Marketing MAP & 2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™. Together they both serve to simplify advanced marketing planning and strategy:

Shows the 2021 Step Marketing MAP™ and 2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™

2021 Step Marketing MAP™ and 2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™

A Marketing Plan & Strategy Rooted in Science

Marketing can be pretty complicated especially advanced marketing strategy which is based in neuroscience, quantum physics and the non-conscious mind. The aim of the Step Marketing SYSTEM™ has been to simplify it all while still maintaining the advanced marketing aspects while cutting out all the fluff.


Iceberg 95 percent NonConscious Mind

95% of purchasing decisions are for  nonconscious emotional reasons

For most people, 95% of their actions, behaviors, emotions and decisions come from their non-conscious mind (subconscious & unconscious mind). So someone’s buying decisions are for reasons they are not consciously aware of. If you ask them they will give you misinformation, not because they’re being deceptive – because they just are not aware of their real reasons for buying. To be more specific their non-conscious reasons for purchasing are based in emotions. If you’re skeptical of this information, read Inc’s post titled “Harvard Professor Says 95% of Purchasing Decisions Are Subconscious” which states “When marketing a product to a consumer, it’s most effective to target the subconscious mind” and “Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general.”

21 Key Marketing Plan Objectives:

4 Sections | 21 Objectives

SECTION A) Marketing Strategy & Focus

Goal: get clear about your outcome, focus & potential obstacles

  1. Create an OUTCOME STATEMENT™ – Always start with the end in mind – 1st and foremost.
    ⚠️Creating a proper Outcome Statement™ is CRITICAL!⚠️

    1. CONCEPT: When we FOCUS our mind on exactly what we want – ideas form, insights develop & our non-conscious (subconscious, unconscious) mind works on solutions for us.
      1. A properly formed Outcome Statement™ will inform all of the other key marketing plan objectives of your marketing plan.
    2. Here is the Outcome Statement™ creator online here. Use it to create a properly formed Outcome Statement™.
      1. ⚠️DO NOT skip this step.
      2. Spend time, consideration and reflection on this – it will save you a lot of time overall AND it will get you what you want a lot faster.
      3. ⚠️ This cannot be stressed enough!!!

… the other 20 Key Marketing PLAN Objectives are available to Students and Clients.

The 2021 Step Marketing MAP™ & 2021 Foundational Marketing PLAN™ are used in our GROW Your Business™ courses and Business Growth COACHING™.

How you can get your Foundational Marketing PLAN™: