2020 Marketing Diagnostics Tool™

Diagnose your 2020 marketing efforts and get your 2020 Marketing Score™.

Is your marketing up to 2020 Marketing Standards™?  Find out now.

What’s your Marketing SCORE™?

We understand how confusing marketing your business can be. That’s why we’ve simplified the process with the 2020 Step Marketing PLAN™ so you can relax and feel confident about your marketing efforts.

Maybe you’ve noticed, marketing has changed. Fortunately the 2020 Marketing Diagnostics Tool™ will illustrate key issues that you’ll need to address to achieve the results you’re looking for in 2020.  For simplicity, once you complete the questions below, you’ll be given a 2020 Marketing Score™.  This will serve as a baseline that your can monitor to see how your efforts are going.  Also, by completing all of the questions in this tool you’ll also be crafting a start on your Step Marketing PLAN™. We’re glad you’re here. ❤️WELCOME!👣

2020 Marketing Score™ Calculator

Your 2020 Marketing Diagnostics Tool™

9 Main Questions Total | Maximum Score: 960
960-940 AWESOME! | 940-850 GOOD | 850-750 OK | 750 or less – Needs Attention
📝 NOTE: you can save this quiz and complete it anytime within the next 30 days.