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Grow Your Business 101™ - ZOOM!

6 Weeks of Training & Support (Live Online Course)

Growing your business can feel confusing and hard. You don’t resonate with standard marketing techniques, but don’t know what you should do instead.

Now there’s a way to make business growth inevitable — by leveraging instead of compromising your values.

Grow Your Business 101™ is a heart-centered, step-by-step marketing system combined with manifestation techniques that empowers you to grow your business in a way that is authentic to you, with the support of an engaged tribe of peers.

In just six weeks, you’ll be on a path toward reaching more people, doing more good in the world, and growing your business with less effort and more fun.

Welcome. We’re so glad you’ve found your way to this material and your tribe. ❤️

In just six weeks,
you’ll have new confidence and clarity

Feel at Peace

Know that your marketing is heart-centered and in full alignment with you and those you are serving.

More Time

Gain more time to focus on the people, activities, and lifestyle that matter most to you.

Feel Supported

Move powerfully toward manifesting what you want as the entire group supports your clear vision.

More Energy

Burn off resistance and get energized by your laser focus and clarity about where you're headed.

Live On-Purpose

Clarify your purpose and identify what truly lights you up, inspires and ignites you.

More Direction

Leverage a clear step-by-step marketing system and manifestation strategy for continuous, long-term growth.

Plus all the tools you need for powerful, heart-centered marketing

Marketing Plan

Now you have an actual marketing plan customized to your business all on one 8.5 x 11 page.

Clear Focus

Now you are clear about what you want and how to get there, and you have eliminated all interference.

Marketing System

Now you have a reliable system you can follow anytime you want to grow your business.

Clear Path

No more getting off-track, now you have your marketing map so you'll always know where you are at and what is next.

Your Next Steps

Now you always know your next 3 steps to move your marketing and your business forward.


No more stalling, wondering what to do. Now you have a plan, a system, your next steps and people to support the growth of your business.

About the course:

What is marketing?

"Marketing is really just communication, when done right it's a natural flow of the conversation"

Rob Bury, founder & instructor

Your Life's Purpose

"I want everybody stepping into their life purpose"

Rob Bury, founder & instructor

A Proven System

"... more than 10,000 hours of study and 23 years of marketing practice inform this proven system..."

Rob Bury, founder & instructor

Loving Approval

"I've seen people do amazing things when they get even a little loving approval."

Rob Bury, founder & instructor

Rob's Intentions

"I want you to live the life that you were meant to lead... I want to help get you there."

Rob Bury, founder & instructor

Choose Your "Grow Your Business 101" Class:

4 weekly, 3-hour workshops · 22 days of support · manifestation circle · access to Step Marketer's proven, heart-centered marketing system

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About Rob Bury

instructor, founder, marketing intuitive

Rob Bury

I am a career marketer with a proven track record of transforming business growth and impact for nearly 30 years. I am driven to help you help others —so together we can improve the planet.
It's time. I feel like I've been "called into service" and Grow Your Business 101 is a powerful channel of contribution. If you're feeling "called" in bigger and bigger ways, I want to help you too.
If you are in the business of helping others improve their lives in some way, then you are in the business of enlightenment. I don't mean you "help them save money on their car insurance" that's not what I'm talking about.
I mean you genuinely care about other people and helping them improve: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically or spiritually. Together, we can elevate people and the planet.

Experience and expertise:

  • 23 years of small business marketing experience
    • over 10,000 hours of study and practice
  • 18 years of online and digital marketing experience
    • created 6-figure passive income streams
    • diverted 100's of millions from less-than-honest companies and sent that business to honest contractors
    • grew several small businesses from start-up to exponential growth
  • 18 Element Step Marketer FORMULA & training system
    • one-of-a-kind, industry-first, simplified "heart-centered" marketing system
  • 11 Digital Marketer Certifications
    • + web-pro distinctions like: senior level WordPress programmer, SEO expert, etc.
  • 9 Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certifications & Non-verbal communication (NVC) trainings
    • Created multiple techniques like: Loving Approval Buddy, Focus15, advanced rapport exercises, etc.
  • Marketing Intuitive (as people talk about their marketing, I get pictures and feelings "hits" about it)
    • intuition, clarity, insight
  • a genuine loving and supportive nature <-- this is what's most important.

Major Elements of the Class

"Heart-Centered" Marketing 101

Spiritually-minded people typically do not resonate with standard marketing techniques. Even the average small business owner or solopreneur struggles, because who has the time or money to figure out which of the bazillion marketing approaches will work for them? That’s why Step Marketer simplified the entire process into the steps that actually matter. We made it all about loving focus, building relationships, and telling a good story.

Group Manifestation Circle

Not only do you get laser focused on what you want, but you’ll be sharing your vision with the group (circle) and they’ll be focusing on what you want with you.

Daily & Weekly Support

You’ll receive weekly support in class and daily loving approval from your Loving Approval Buddy (LAB). Plus, throughout the class you’ll have full support via email and text from Rob Bury, your instructor and guide.

Community (continued support)

When class ends, you’ll be invited to join your community of peers in our “Grow Your Business – Networking & Manifestation Group”. Through this ongoing, long-term community, we will all continue to support each other’s business growth though educational content, group focus, and referrals.

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Grow Your Business 101 is now offered as part of Grow Your Business 103 (GYB-103-Z)

The upcoming live "in-person" Grow Your Business 101 course:

6 weekly, 3-hour workshops · 36 days of support · manifestation circle · Step Marketer's heart-centered marketing system

This is more than a class or a workshop. It’s a soulful, strategic journey toward the life you want. With powerful tools, a proven process, and the support of a community, you will take the steps to make the future of your dreams inevitable. And now, the next step is yours to take…

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