Quantum Leap in SEO Keywords Report…

Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Report:

“We’ve used these reports to:

  • Double (or better) Sales

    We’ve continuously generated amazing numbers for our clients. However, doubling traffic, clicks, conversions, and subsequent sales is consistently achieved and the new norm baseline for our clients.

  • Earned Top Rankings on Google

    It is a science yes, however it is also an artform. By targeting specific, focused traffic, unique to your business – top rankings become possible.

  • Driven Traffic that Generated $100+k in sales in One Month (year after year)

    By Earning top rankings on Google, we’ve driven and executed targeted traffic to websites that heighten conversion for our clients’ specific businesses.

  • Generated over $90M in Contracts

    We’ve unleashed a new quantum science in our methodology. Our refined multidimensional sequence has allowed us to generate over $90M in contracts, jobs and new clients for our customers, on a national scale.

… and it all started with Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Reports we’ve created.”
Robert Bury, co-founder, Step Marketer

What does
A N S W E R S! stand for?

ACRONYM Sentence: People are Actively (right Now) Searching for Words on search Engines and you can get a report of these current keywords for your target market, Ranked on a Spreadsheet – right now!

The Top 5 things an ANSWERS! Report can show you:

  • What keywords to TARGET and why.

    With the way the report is color coded and organized, it becomes abundantly clear what keywords to target and why.

  • What NOT to target

    The Pareto Principal says that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. By knowing where NOT to put our attention, we do LESS WORK and produce MORE RESULTS.

  • Get MORE Targeted Traffic

    It’s a FACT – When you target the right traffic, for your business, Google rewards you with FREE Organic traffic & lower-cost Paid Ads.

  • Low-Hanging Fruit & Competition Insight

    You will easily be able to improve your digital marketing strategy by seeing what your completion is focusing on and may have missed.

  • Improve Conversions & Sales

    It’s psychologically proven that by using the words & language your target market uses – you earn rapport & trust – which leads to much better conversions & sales.

Two Q-n-A Calls (included.)

Mr. BURY! holding driven letters between hands charged up with energy from his hands

Two calls (Zoom or phone) will take place: one 15 min. call before your ANSWERS! Report is done and a 25 min. call after to explain the report and what we found.  You are free to ask questions as we get clear about your business and what outcomes you want.

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