“We use Quantum-Conscious Marketing™, a “new earth” system for informing, developing & manifesting growth for businesses who want to do good in the world.”
~ Robert Bury, creator of step marketing

Quantum-Conscious Marketing™


step-by-step system

Original Innovative System of cutting edge marketing simplified into a step-by-step formula, map & plan that anyone can follow.


loving space for growth

We believe life is meant to be fun. We go to great lengths to ensure you feel energized & enjoy the process of growing your business.


with you & the planet

The new energy on the planet is "heart-centered" & "quantum-conscious". Our services are in full alignment with this energy.

image of Dr. Caitlin Capistran
I loved the worksheets that broke down complex stuff into easy/simple steps.”Dr. Caitlin Capistran

image of Chris Hyde
I feel confident and I have the tools I need to market myself. I’m so excited!Chris Hyde, The Progressive Soul

…because you always know
Your NEXT STEP™ is.

When you know what Your NEXT STEP™ is there is a peace of mind that sweeps over you. No more frustration. No more confusion. Now you can get back to the joy you once felt about growing your business.

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you know what your marketing strategy is with your
2020 Step Marketing MAP™ & 2020 Step Marketing PLAN™

Marketing used to be confusing. So we created the Marketing MAP™ and 2020 Marketing PLAN™ so you can be confident with your marketing.

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<<< [DOWNLOAD] your Step Marketing PLAN™

Get marketing insight™
strategy + intuition for clear action steps
from a
Marketing Intuitive™ session.

Robert Bury, Step Marketing creator & Marketing Intuitive™ is a 23-year marketing veteran who is also trained and certified in shifting the subconscious mind and sourcing guidance through intuitive channels.

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image of Sage Cohen
“…helped me move from a good idea… to the future I have always wanted.Sage Cohen, Author, poet, entrepreneur, Marketing Intuitive™ client

image of Dave Markowitz
“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5-Stars)”Dave Markowitz, Bestselling Author, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Marketing Intuitive™ client

The Step Marketer ANSWERS! Report™ is
a MUST HAVE for every business

A Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Report™ is an SEO Keywords Report that is focused on conversions (more sales) for your specific business – based on your target market & your business’ goals and strong points.

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Feel Assured You’re Doing it Right
Is your marketing up to 2020 Marketing Standards™?
Find out with the
2020 Marketing Diagnostics Tool™

The 2020 Marketing Diagnostics Tool™ will illustrate key issues that you’ll need to address to achieve the results you’re looking for in 2020.

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Have FUN Growing Your Business
… create a Step Marketing PLAN™ by attending
a Grow Your Business 101™ LIVE! training.

In just six weeks, you’ll be on a path toward reaching more people, doing more good in the world, and growing your business with less effort and more fun.

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image of Phoebe MacRae
“A short program/course that was super-charged with methods + ideas for forwarding my business.”Phoebe MacRae, NeuroMovement Practitioner, Grow Your Business 101™ (student)

image of Randolph Sellars
“I loved many of the exercises, group dynamics, support and the Loving Approval Buddy support.”Randolph Sellars, Performance coach, Grow Your Business 101™ (student)

Our Community Involvement

Project Critical Mass™


We are partnered with Project Critical Mass™ in achieving a 51% positive loving vibration on the planet by July 11th 2022. Our PCM GOAL™ is to double 1 million HALO™ businesses by July 11th 2022.

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The HALO Collective™


HALO™ stands for Healer, Artist, Lightworker or Other evolving consciousness. Are you a HALO™?
We want to help you help more people!

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